Songs I Cry To: Rogues by Methyl Ethel

Hi, everyone! I just got back from Europe and still haven’t had time to write everything I have to say. I’m trying my best but with jumping back into life it’s hard. While I try to undertake the huge task of documenting that amazing month, I decided in the mean time to start a new series. Where I discuss some songs that have either helped me through rough times, took me to the depths of my psyche, or simply something that moved me to tears for whatever reason in between. In this first short edition it’s Rogues by Methyl Ethel.

[Verse 1]
“Well, I drank myself to sleep
And I obliterated my own beliefs
I was struck down on the causeway, on the causeway
I was riding on the coattails of a stranger
Who was caught under house arrest
And his room became his tomb “

Sometimes you try to be so strong and tell yourself to let go, it’s a lost cause and you’ll do whatever it takes to try to forget, you drink, but in drinking you see yourself slipping back to your old train of thought, your beliefs in gone. What is important now is to not what you ought to do but wanting to go back to that situation/relationship no matter how toxic it was. You don’t know where you are, or who you are, you don’t know anything. You lie in the bathtub hoping the water drops over your head will wake you up out of the daze, but it never does

Now your struck down on the highway, incapable of moving, drowning in tears. You don’t want to hear how much it’s going to get better, you don’t want to fight the feelings anymore, because you know you and your shadow are one in the same.

They say your room reflects you mental state which explains exactly why you place is a mess empty beer bottles, half smoked cigarettes, sheets on the ground, a full on riot, just like your mind.

“ I don’t want to be a photograph

Another photograph in your album
I want to be a photograph in your doorway “

Longing for someone who once loved you to love you back, to be in their present instead of being forever preserved in the past as a photograph of their album, to hope that you cross their mind at least once just like they cross yours often. You want to be who they think about before the close their eyes at night.

[Verse 4]
Why don’t you remember?
Back in the summer time, it was so hot
We wanted to escape it together
But we didn’t know, we did not know”

We don’t know how significant periods of our lives will be, for me this reminds me of the of a trip I took to Europe, sitting on the steps of the  Sacré-Cœur Basilica drinking wine, while wondering around in Paris. I just wanted to forget anything I did before I arrived, I wanted to escape all the problems that were happening, I just wanted to escape. It’s easy to forget that the saying “All things must pass” isn’t just for the bad times, the good times pass too , such is life.

November 2017



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