Russian Communist Pt.1

Basic start, we met over Tinder and bonded over particularly music and the love of drinking. His name was Val, a Russian guy who had spent most of his life in the states after coming over from Russia. After about a week of messaging he drove down from San Marcos where he was living at the time to Austin. We were going to go see a song writer Val liked named Rocky Votolato. He pulled up in a beat down blue Honda Accord wearing a black bandanna. Val was always wearing a bandanna, it made him look like the quint essential foreign baddie. He wore all black, subtle black eyeliner, black jeans and a black shirt with a cat on it. Val was obsessed with cats.
      I was quite nervous as I was talking to him while we walked towards the temporary place I was staying at. ” You want a sip?” he said as he pulled out a small bottle of gin from his back pocket. “Sure,” I answered and took a swig as we walked up the stairs. I guess we are starting early I thought. He arrived in Austin a few hours before the show so he got to briefly meet my soon to be roommate Maggie.Before Maggie left to meet up with her friends she pulled me aside in the kitchen. She leaned my head towards her mouth and whispered,”I’ll be gone all night so you get to be home alone” then grabbed her keys and giggled out the door.

     Val and I did a good amount of pre-gaming before we headed out and were drunk by the time we showed up to Red 7. The show was boring up until I felt Val’s hand on my butt. I was so bored that I just turned around and started making out with him for a little excitement. I’m sure our PDA was really uncomfortable for the band and audience alike. After the show Rocky Votolato was hanging around the merch booth ” Look,” I discreetly pointed out to Val. ” Yeah I know,” he replied as he turned his back to Rocky. “I’ve always wanted to say hi but then I nev…” I grabbed Val’s hand and started walking towards Rocky. Drunk me is a great conversationalist, so naturally I introduced them to each other. Afterwards we were walking back to where my car was… fuck! I remembered that I drove downtown and now was drunk as shit what now? I just stopped mid walk and sat down on a random patch on grass next to the side walk in defeat. Val slumped down next to me as I began scrolling through my phone trying to think of a friend who was sober and could come pick me up. No one answered ,so I drove home.
Rocky and I
We made a stop at Whataburger to grab food that I don’t remember eating.However, I do remember Val receiving a phone call that made him immediately step aside and answer. I couldn’t hear what he was saying but  I did see how he brushed his hair back and whispered into the phone nervously. Val seemed like he was comforting someone on the other line… a woman. When the call was over he walked back towards me. ” Are you ok?” I asked ” yeah,yeah, ” he lied (while trying to brush off the fact that whoever called caught him at an awkward time). ” It’s my friend,” he continued ” she has a lot of anxiety issues and I just wanted to make sure she was ok”.
     We finally made it back to the apartment and as soon as we walked in the door Val went straight for the left over gin on the kitchen table. ” Have some, ” he insisted as he pushed the bottle towards my lips. ” No” I whined ” put some in a cup for me please”. He poured me a cup’s worth of gin then headed to the bathroom. Gin was his weapon of choice I really didn’t want to keep drinking so drunk me decided to pour the vodka on my shirt in hope of emptying the cup before he came back. When he returned he picked up my cup and shook it” you drank it already?” he asked .” Mmhmm” I replied. ” I don’t believe that” he argued as he wrapped his arm around me. ” You spilled it” he accused me as he sniffed my shirt. ” No I didn’t ” I replied” yeah you did!” he argued back as he wrestled me down to the ground. ” Get off me!” I laughed “I’m going to bed” I said as I walked to the only room in the apartment that was clean and had an air mattress. ” Are you staying here?” I asked (even though I already knew the answer). “Yeah” he said as he followed me to the bedroom. Some making out went on but nothing naughty as unfortunately I was on my period. He reached down to grab me “no” I stopped him ,”I’m on my period.” “That’s ok I like periods” he said and gave my tampon string a tug as a tease.
Summer 2015
part 2 about our 3 day drinking binge coming soon…….

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