When Two Crazy Roomies Clash

I quickly grabbed the knife I was cutting with in a panic,ran towards Justin’s room and locked myself in.


Vegas Truly is the Devil’s Playground

“Babe! Can you grab me a bump before we go,” Chelsea called out to Ross from the bathroom, ” and get Ely a bump too” she added. I had only been in Vegas less than 4 hours and already scored some blow.Vegas isn’t Vegas without it right?


Poem about a vision of a bar on a beach that is so real, I’m almost convinced it’s either a real place or I have been there in a past life.

Fear of Becoming my Mother

My mom was and is never one to reason with anyone when she’s upset. First will come the physical violence and destruction then the questioning. She is the jury and she is the judge and her justice is swift and unmerciful for whoever crosses her.